Saturday, January 31, 2009

S/V PRUDENCE - a Southern Cross 35: Clients (and a Boat) to make a Yacht Broker Proud!

Southern Cross 35 Hull

Southern Cross 35 to Windward!

Southern Cross 35 in Antigua

ANNAPOLIS - You meet a lot of people in the business of yacht brokerage. When I met Doug and Sheryl Mayle, in Annapolis, they were just starting to look for a "cruising sailboat." Like many folks getting ready to buy a cruising boat, Doug & Sheryl had many questions, but, there was something different about them.

It was obvious, Doug & Sheryl were focused, and had planned a long time to pursue their dream. They didn't have thousands of ocean miles under their keel, and hardly could be considered old salts. We saw a lot of boats when they came to visit. Obviously, Annapolis is a supermarket of yachts, so they could see just about anything ever made to float.

They set one foot over the rail of this wonderful Southern Cross 35 and it was all over. Love a first sight! A canoe stern, sensible sail plan, honest construction, and excellent price make the Southern Cross 35 one of my favorite choices for a cruising sailboat.

Doug & Sheryl did a good job of trying to hide their blushing enthusiasm, and really had a good look at her. I remember Sheryl asking, "Do you think this is worthy of blue water sailing?" She asked in such a way that it was clear the underlying question was: You wouldn't sell us a boat where we are going to certainly die, would you? Of course not! S/V Prudence had a secret: She had been sailed to Europe from Annapolis and back through the Caribbean already! S/V Prudence would take good care of them, indeed!

As I write this, Doug and Sheryl are on their 35' Southern Cross, S/V PRUDENCE, in Antigua!

If you are thinking about slipping the lines and really going cruising, you owe it to yourself to see how Doug and Sheryl got themselves prepared. They are a text book case on how you put dreams into motion. Take a look at the journey of Doug & Sheryl on S/V Prudence on their Blog here

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